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About Us

Cronoforge Studios is a small indie studio devoted to creating quality games with fixed prices so you only pay once for a complete experience. We are devoted to making amazing highly immersive games with an emphasis on fun and replayability. Our devotion to immersion means we will never put DLC (Downloadable Content) prompts or hooks in game, or require them to get the full experience.

I have been interested in programming and video games since I was introduced to the Commodore 64 at a young age.  Over the years I taught myself to code then went on to university to hone my skills.  Playing and studying games from a programmers point of view over the years has given me a great deal of insight as I deconstructed the system I encountered and invented some of my own.  One of my favorite parts of coding is trying to figure out how to solve new and interesting problems. I put my many years of experience into the games I create and hope you enjoy playing them as much as I enjoy making them.

Anthony Dorge




Selkirk, Manitoba