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MIDMTC โ€“ Interim project report

  • We have done a great deal of work under the hood creating a input system that worked with UI and could switch between keyboard and gamepad seamlessly.
  • We have started the initial work to use Unreals ability system to give abilities to the player and have cameras and sensors effected by various environmental effects that can occur.
  • We have also implemented a number of features including movement with a parkour system, a light detection stealth system, and particle systems for damage and death.
  • We have implemented the underline menu and hud systems with a title screen, loading screen, and hud to test this initial system:
  • We have had some initial music created to help establish the feel of the game:
  • We have had concept art created and are in the process of getting 3D rigged models created for the male, and female player characters.
  • We also had some concept art created for weapons